During Rally Cameras Catch Trump Pointing at Supporter with Q Shirt

During a rally on 6/20/18, at Duluth, Minnesota, Trump is spotted on multiple cameras making his usual entrance. Right as he enters, there is a supporter standing in front with a shirt with the letter Q. In less than a minute from Trump’s entry, he waves at the crowd and points directly at the man wearing the Q shirt, as seen in the video.

Other TV channels were also able to capture this moment.

Shortly after the rally, Q posts the twitter link to the supporter’s profile, and replies to an anon’s post of the video captured by the VIP supporter himself.

From what is shown inside this video of a side-by-side comparison of the TV channel’s view versus the supporters view, it’s clear that Trump was giving a subtle yet very direct acknowledgement/confirmation of QAnon.

Link to the supporter’s POV video on 8ch, here.

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