This website serves to archive the best proofs and graphics to establish the authenticity of #QANON

Q Post on Obama Same Day Kenyan Leaders Meet Sec. of State

Q Post About Obama's Plan to Escape

On March 9, Q drops a post regarding Barack Obama’s plan to use Kenyan citizenship as a way to escape. The same day, Sec. of State Tillerson arrives in Kenya and Uhuru, the Pres. Kenya sends a tweet closely matching Q’s post.


Firetruck Q74 Matches With Q Post #74

Firetruck Q74 Proof

On May 10, Q posts for the 74th time on /PatriotsFight/. That same night a firetruck with the number 74, which is uncommon, appears at the scene of the newly released NK prisoners return to US.


Chain Of Command Proof

Chain Of Command

On Jan 13, Q posts “Chain Of Command”. Jan 15, US Dept. of Defense tweets #ChainOfCommand linking to Nat Geo show which also displayed a cup with Q.


Q Posts on Tarmac Meeting Later Tweeted by Trump

Q Posts On Tarmac Meeting Before Trump Tweets

Q drops multiple posts regarding the secret Tarmac meeting between Lynch, Clinton and the Supreme Court position agreement. Couple months later Trump tweets the same message.


Q and Trump Posting +++

Q and Trump Post +++

Q drops a post with “+++” and “Nothing is random.” About 7 minutes later President Trump sends a tweet with “+++” at the end along with key wording, “massive military” and “energy orders.” Since then Q has continued posting multiple times using the “+” character.


Q Posts Lord's Prayer Month Before Pope Wants It Changed

Q Posts Lord's Prayer Right Before Pope Wants It Changed

On November 14, Q posted the original version of The Lord’s Prayer. A few weeks later Pope Francis publicly called for a change to the line “Lead us not into temptation”.


Q and Trump Visit North Korea for Secret Meeting with Kim

Q and Trump Visit North Korea in Secret Meeting

Sometime during President Trump’s Asia tour in early November 2017, Air Force One is seen flying over North Korea in what could be a secret meeting with Kim Jong Un. Deals may have been made well ahead of the publicly televised NK Summit which occurred much later in June.


Dark to Light Proof

Q Posts "Dark to Light" As Heard in NK Trailer Video

On June 6, Q drops a post containing “Dark to Light” and the word “BOOM” 4 times. Then on June 12, during the Singapore Summit, the White House releases a video that repeats the same phrase as well a statement outlining 4 commitments made by the North Korean and U.S government.


Trump Tweets a Picture with Filename DOITQ

Trump Tweets a Picture with Filename DOITQ

On November 8 2017, Trump tweets a picture of him and some of cabinet members giving the thumbs up. The filename of the picture has the words “DOITQ”, also by connecting a line through the hand placements each person it would closely form the letter Q.